New Details on Nintendo’s Mini-NES


Ever since Nintendo’s announcement that it would be releasing a pint-sized mini-NES with 30 classic games pre-loaded, there’s been a significant outpouring of interest from nostalgic gamers. Not surprisingly, these gamers are itching to find out every possible detail they can on the new mini version and Nintendo will not be disappointing.

Upgraded Graphics


The first noticeable change on the new Mini-NES is the considerable better graphics. New information and side-by-side playthroughs suggest that the micro-console offers better graphics than even Nintendo’s own Virtual Console on the Wii U.

The video above comes courtesy of YouTube channel GameXplain which compares multiple mini-NES games against their VC counterparts on Nintendo’s latest system. As you can see the games are displayed gorgeously with crisp color and smooth animation. We also now know that the mini-NES will offer three modes: Pixel perfect (square pixels), 4:3 ratios (for simulating an old-school television), and a “CRT filter” (simulated scan lines to make a title look like you remember it).

Short Cables


If there is one thing we can complain about however, it is that the new mini-NES console comes with cables that are extremely short. The length of the cables are roughly 3 feet long. This comes in sharp contrast to the classic NES, who had cables that were closer to eight feet! This will be an issue for plenty of home setups, where you’ll probably need to buy a compatible controller with a longer cable or an extra long HDMI cable.

Release Details

The Classic Mini is expected to arrive this fall and cost $59.99. If this console is a success, we’ll probably see similar initiatives from other major console companies such as Sony. Although it’s true Nintendo has the strongest lock on nostalgia for late-thirty-something gamers, Sony’s PlayStation and even the original Xbox were all significant platforms in their own right.