6 Tricks to Improve the WiFi at Home


Enjoy a powerful connection not only depends on having a good power. Sometimes, put into practice a series of small tips can be a major jump in Internet performance. And more today, that every time there are a greater number of devices operating at the same bandwidth and often become a difficulty added to get a good connection. TP-LINK has met six useful tips for deploying WiFi network at home and gets a better signal. Do you want to know them?

1. Avoids obstacles

Many times we do not realize how much they can affect natural obstacles such as walls or doors to signal quality. Normally, the router ends in one of the rooms of the house, but if what we want is a good performance it is advisable to find a placement that is strategic in the hallway near the doors, so there is no wall that prevents the signal reaches with force.

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2. Beware of the alignment of the antenna

There are many routers that use external antennas to transmit better signal. The tip here is that each antenna has a different orientation so that the signal is distributed more evenly along the whole way home.

3. Put the router in high

Another aspect that we tend not to repair is the height of the router. The waves are transmitted more easily if we put this device on top, making it a bookcase or a library is an ideal place to locate it. That Yes, we must prevent metal objects such as radiators or drawers with metal parts that can cause interference in the transmission of waves.

4. Avoid interference

Our home is filled with electronic devices that may interfere with the Internet signal. Microwave, even washing machines or wireless phones transmit waves in the 2.4 GHz band. This bandwidth is the most common for transmitting the Internet signal, but increasingly there are more routers and devices that are compatible with the width of 5 GHz band, a less congested band that will allow us to reach higher speeds and enjoy a clearer signal.

5. WiFi in the garden

They are very hot months, and if we are lucky enough to enjoy a garden (and a better than pool) probably we want get off the laptop or smartphone and enjoy the shade of a tree. For these cases, the most recommended is to place the router near a window giving onto the garden. That yes, in this case must be careful of protecting the network with a strong enough password to prevent unwanted guests. Similarly, it is recommended to change the password that comes standard with the router, since there are many programs that are able to find out.

6. Use a WiFi repeater

Models like the TP-LINK TL-WA860RE offer a very affordable alternative that will allow us to get a quality signal throughout the house, especially in those big houses or apartments where there is dead spots.