Android Will Recommend You Applications to Download


Would not it be great to download the application from your favorite museum when you are visiting? Alternatively the application of the airline with what will ship while you wait patiently in line for check- in Android, they think so, and that is one of the major barriers when using applications knowing the world. They have therefore created Nearby, a project that the terminals Android notify the user if there is any application of interest to download wherever they are allowing to get more time or help of additional services.


The idea is simple and seems most useful. Simply keep the connection Bluetooth terminal and activated the GPS tracking. In this way, the operating system Android launches notifications about active applications or web pages on the site. Issues that developers have raised to alert users to content that is available for your enjoyment and that is anchored to that place, either because it is an extra service establishment or because they serve as a support of any kind to the user that time.

However, although it may seem quite invasive it is a simple notification is only active if you have the Bluetooth and activated location, and is a trigger to know that the user is there and one-way is necessary contact your mobile. Google also stands on its official blog that, if not interested in the recommendation should simply get rid of the notification by swiping as any other notice goes unheeded.

Google nearby

In addition, Google has confirmed that this feature also extends to web pages and certain devices. This is the case of Google Cast or smart watches. A notification will appear on the mobile if being near any of them to bond instantly without performing the usual installation process. It is an interesting proposal but still face barriers to the user to use more applications: download and install them.

A process that in many cases is often omitted by spending Internet data representing downloading applications. Maybe its where enters another set of future projects Google, which is not having to install the applications to be able to use directly over the Internet. In streaming so to speak. Something that presented at the last conference for developers Google I / O and is presumed to be the future of mobile applications.

Elimination of psychological and technical barriers for the user who wants to use an application at a specific time for a specific issue without having to waste time or spend downloading data from your internet rate. In any case, the moment the notifications nearby will be extended from this moment arrival gradually being confirmed. Yes, the developers have to carry out the work of creating tokens or benchmarks to launch notifications to users. We look forward to coming information Google about it.