Apple Music Streaming According to Apple


Apple has made ​​its official entry in the apple music streaming on demand the birth of Apple Music an integrated stage ready to combine listening to songs, radio broadcasting and social networking. This is not only of yet offer music streaming is a service that comes from Apple, the group that revolutionized the industry with the foreword of the iPod and iTunes then the idea deserves demanding attention to the magnitude that can make a division still looking for hard equilibrium.


Born as an evolution of the classic iTunes and Beats Music, streaming service of that company was acquired by Cupertino last year, Apple Music is a digital platform for music to 360 degrees. The offer certify plate bitten apple in information is not incomplete to listening to songs, but also combines a radio station unique, as well as a social network to interrelate directly with the artists. Inserted within iTunes and non-payment on all Macs and iOS devices upgradable to iOS 8.4 and later the apple music streaming platform is divided into three specific sections:

Streaming on demand: this is the section devoted to listening to songs chosen by the user himself, in a catalog of over 37 million songs available Radio: the evolution of the preceding iTunes Radio a digital environment where both stations that the current playlist specially created by DJ names and worship music. All accompanied by Beats Radio 1 a radio station 24 hours a 24, led by Zane Lowe and other former speaker of BBC Radio 1 broadcast daily from Los Angeles.

Connect the return of Ping in a revised and corrected version with the possibility for artists not only share thoughts updates audio and video material but also to receive direct feedback from both other musicians from their fans.