Autonomous Driving with Uber


Tesla in 2020 will produce approximately 500,000 electric cars annually. The company of Musk is planning to become the biggest player in the field of e-car. But not limited to the group is also involved in a research and experimentation with regard to autonomous driving in the manufacture of vehicles capable to drive on their own without human intervention.

This technology is interesting to Uber so much so that the CEO Travis Kalanick would propose to Tesla buying half a million cars equipped with systems self-driving. The objective seems to be to enhance the service provided today by the group improving it both as regards safety in road which efficiency.

autonomous driving

To reveal it was Steve Jurvetson, investor and member of the board dell automaker during Top 10 Tech Trends occasion organized by the Churchill Club. Jurvetson occasion talked about how the use of autonomous driving could for instance significantly reduce the number of taxis circulating in downtown New York reaching clientele within 30 seconds of the call. This is his brief statement collected by Yahoo.

The agreement between Uber and Tesla is at present only a hypothesis to speak in the conditional, not confirmed or announced officially. Because the handshake it can realize that the company will first need to Elon Musk arrivals to ensure a production rate sufficient to meet the demand.  The cars that have been talked about at the beginning a good part will be represented by the model E with the price set at around $ 35,000. The range of just over 320 Km it remains to be seen whether in order to keep the cost as well relatively low Tesla will choose to give up the integration of technology self driving.