Wearables Are Defining The Current Trend Of Contemporary Digital Era


Wearables are fast setting the trend for the contemporary digital era. Also known as fashion electronics or tech togs or wearable devices, these can be defined as accessories or clothing infused with advanced computing technologies. The designs here usually present a smart cocktail of practical functions & edgy aesthetic appeal. The essence of wearable technology bears a connection with ubiquitous computing & development of the wearable computers. The main purpose of wearable devices is to interweave technology into everyday regular life to ensure an easy & convenient lifestyle.

Below is a brief on some of the most popular wearables:


One of the pioneers in the field of wearable technology, smart watches has taken up usual time-keeping functionality to a completely new edge. A basic wearable smartwatch is equipped to perform tedious calculations, extend notifications enabling the user to respond to them sans utilizing cell phones. The more advanced ones work akin to miniature computers with own OS & capacity to run on applications. The state of the art smart watches come armed with sensors that enable them to function as customized digital assistants and activity trackers. Moreover, the smart watches echo a chic outlook and hence a must-have for every fashion conscious tech enthusiast.

Wrist or arm bands

The wrist or arm bands are another popular forms of wearables today after smartwatch. These are designed with altimeter and accelerometer technology to note steps taken by the user all through the day. The steps calculated would be synced well with the user’s smartphone or Facebook account to create a systematic accurate log of daily physical activities. A prime favorite of fitness freaks, the wearable arm or wrist bands covers quite a big niche market today. These smart-bands can estimate your caloric expenditure per day. Some of the trendier ones render light electric shock when its user is unnecessarily idling or slacking off. A range of highly advanced wearable wrist or arm band comes with heart-rate sensors that monitor user’s heart activity all through the day.


Smartglasses assure easy accession to the internet, tracks user activity & navigation – as well as enable you to enjoy various computing applications. Then, you can also use the smartglass to take pictures. These are easy to use and light to wear- just like your regular eyeglass. It is said that with smartglasses you are relieved from having several gadgets within your repository.