Devolo Home Control, Create Your Own Smart Home With Simplicity


The German manufacturer devolo will launch in September a new smart home concept. devolo Home Control is a system that controls a set of components that are installed with ease at home and who help us in various aspects of our daily lives. For example, we will make ourselves with a regulator to control the heating in one or several of the rooms, detectors of smoke or even timers to switch on the machine of Brown ten minutes before getting up. This system can manage up to 200 devices at home and will have a mobile application to facilitate their access at any time. In addition to this system for the intelligent home, devolo will also launch a new range of adapters to transmit the network signal through the electrical network with very high speeds of up to 1200 Mbps.

devolo home control

devolo Home Control is a system to create the house of the future. The user appears for your home a series of intelligent devices that can then be controlled centrally managed thanks to the devolo platform. Indeed, the company will also deploy an app for mobile and tablet to make this start-up and control more intuitive and simple. The possibilities that open this platform are very numerous since you can install up to 200 different devices in the home and take advantage of its advanced features.

Among the examples that we devolo has wanted to highlight the ability to use a refrigerator in a room on the other side of the House that let us know if that door is not closed. Or a coffee machine that turns little until the alarm clock rings so we can enjoy our drink without waiting time. We can even set motion detectors that differentiate humans from pets to better protect the house. Without a doubt, a universe of possibilities that can give much play through components and which form the backbone of the home of the future. A trend that still has not developed massively but it seems clear that will give much to talk about in the following years.

In addition to this platform, devolo will also launch a new generation of adapters dLAN Powerline. These devices, which has become popular this German company, distribute the Internet signal through the electrical network. The obvious advantage of this system is that its scope is greater than the traditional WiFi, up to 300 meters. In addition, thanks to the adapters can be any plug of the house as a point to deploy the network. The new dLAN 1200 + will also be the first to incorporate very high speeds of 1200 Mbps for the home. To achieve these speeds, devolo device uses MiMo technology, which is beginning to deploy on some smartphones the last generation, and that facilitates a clear and powerful signal. The dLAN 1200 + will be available in September with a price of 140 euro kit of two adapters and 75 euros individual adapter.