DJI Phantom no drones in Washington


A drone DJI Phantom is crashed Monday in the White House lawn, thus more than the defense systems of the building most protected in the world (radars are calibrated to detect larger objects, such as aircraft or missiles. The Chinese company announced it would soon let go a new firmware to bring in a no-fly zone. His drones will no longer fly in the sky of Washington.

After the event, the secret service was contacted by the author of the stunt, discovering that a government employee had played with the drone of a friend under the effects of alcohol, thus losing control of the quadcopter. The guidelines FAA prohibit any aircraft to fly over the White House, but currently there is no way to enforce the ban. DJI prevents its drones to get close to the airports, using the GPS to determine the areas off limits. Now, for the first time the flight will be locked in a specific metropolitan area.

The Chinese manufacturer has confirmed the imminent deployment of a firmware required for Phantom 2 Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision + that will add a no-fly zone centered on Washington. The drones that are located within a radius of 25 km can no longer take off while those who are outside cannot access it. Today, DJI can not fly shut to the airports and other areas where the flight is prohibited by the authorities.

At the time of the crash, Barack Obama and his family were not at home. The President still has requested an adjustment of the current legislation to stop drones to cause harm to people and violate their privacy.