Drones: EU Wants a “No Fly Zone”


The European Union would like to establish the no-fly zone to create the flight of drones safer. Drone is latest technology. The Committee on convey and Tourism has in fact adopted the report of its drones parliamentary Jacqueline Foster that will be used to review the policies of aviation in December objective to facilitate the addition of multicopter the regulatory framework governing aviation classic.

Jacqueline Foster, in her report urges the European Union to create a new regulation that takes into account the risks of drones but contextually keep in mind the huge investments that numerous companies are doing in this area. The proposal of foster would be to create two different systems one for the means for marketable and one for products for games.


Manufacturers, in particular, has long recognized the need to create ad hoc rules for models for use in play whose holders are also those who tend not to enforce any regulation. Foster focuses on privacy security and data protection. A future law on the subject could also include incentives to create solutions for anti hackers drones and to create virtual boundaries no-fly zone that multicopter could not cross.

Today, drones are increasingly used in various fields from security while the agriculture and easy amateur footage. Just the explosion of these vehicles that are starting to crowd the sky requires the establishment of a exact regulation and shared but at the same time does not preclude the development of these means.