From Smart City to a Winning Idea


An initiative reflecting the link between smart cities, a combination materialized through the launch of numerous projects that partakes the city car. You for smart city rivalry for startups that aim to contribute to building a better world based on criteria of sustainability and responsible use of resources are that of urban spaces offered scope with a sight to upgrading.

The winning idea is called Green For AllĀ  and was created by an all-female team: Roman architects Francesca Perricone and Roberta Rotondo both specialized in environmental design is based upon a simple concept and 100% eco-friendly, designed to return a little green to gray that usually characterizes the suburbs of large towns. It is a modular small greenhouse, which can be positioned in correspondence of a window thus giving rise to a real roof garden, which uses renewable energy and for the production of hot water supplied by system compost.

smart for all

The implementation is carried out in partnership with the smart and the incubator H-FARM: the latter will host the winners of the contest (have been more than 80 startups participants) for three months, providing them with the necessary support to the realization of the project, while smart contributes financially to its development.

An addition architectural aimed at improving the quality of life of those who live in areas where the green was swallowed by buildings and streets. The idea of Francesca and Roberta, awarded by the jury of experts fully interprets the philosophy of the competition organized by smart in many respects the purification of rainwater the recovery of organic waste the exploitation of renewable energy sources and the promotion of “carbon neutral” by the self-production of vegetables.

It must not be forgotten that the whole system is composed of recycled and recyclable materials. To make cities and their suburbs more livable serves focus on innovations in the world of transportation but not only that redefine the terms of use of living spaces can make a difference because the great results often can be reached starting from small details the evolution of what surrounds us all in everyday life.