Ford new app on AppLink


You can change the way the world moves. The answer is implicit in the question and Ford wanted to talk about it at Mobile World Congress 2015 on the subject because there are many things to say, so many things to do and on top of all a huge deal of pressure to the guidelines is dictated by technological innovation.

Ford has clearly explained as a ‘ self-related (in which the rib is an ecosystem of electronic sensors, multimedia, interaction and assistance) is the basis for getting to imagine a new way to travel. The car becomes a place, first, in which the user experience to be as pleasant as possible.

Ford, new app on AppLink

If the projection of this place to the outside must be improved in the wake of the Smart Mobility (with strategies to rethink the trip as a continuum between multiple vehicles and multiple solutions on urban layout), the place itself goes even imagined as a function of time the user passes inside. Hence the need to enrich the vehicle with all that can put the person at ease. Comfort and safety, first of all, but also a new element that connectivity can provide end to end: the information.

Ford adds AppLink

AppLink allows customers worldwide to use some of their favorite apps in the car word of Don Butler, Executive Director of Connected Services Vehicles and Ford Motor Company. At the MWC 2015 the Blue Oval wanted to enrich the endowment of its system with new names such as Goal Live Scores and Sound tracker the first update the driver on the results of the major leagues in the world; the second offers customizable music.

Ford AppLink

Yet Butler: “These new apps add new services, such as the possibility of real-time access to the results of their team and extend the possibility of listening to radio and music, with her eyes on the road and your hands firmly on the wheel.”