Global Attacks on Mobile Networks


Terrible actors are exploiting a hard to understand technology establishes in telecommunications networks about the world to track mobile users and connect in fraud and they could be estimate carrier millions of dollars in gone revenues. The technology, called “SS7, is a sign protocol urbanized in the 1970s for setting up phone calls. Every day, more people use the SS7 network than use the Internet although a small number of people have still heard of it, which provides network safety for a fifth of all mobile users in the world.

Global Attacks

It is there in the backdrop all time a significant person builds a phone call, switches cell towers, or sends a text message. Compromise of the SS7 network can cause significant injure to the reputation and finances of carriers approximately the world Adaptive Mobile noted in a statement free previous week. Fraud enabled by unauthorized access to the SS7 network can price telecommunications operators millions of dollars that the operators have no hope of recovering the statement. Unless safeguards are implemented, net marauders will be able to way subscribers at any time of the day or night listen to their phone calls and understand writing their text messages.

Too Much Access

When SS7 was introduced, a small number of trusted peers, essentially less than a dozen global telecommunications carriers used it. For that reason strong security was not needed. Now, we have gone from 10 carriers connected to SS7 to more than 800 mobile carriers plus aggregators and all sorts of other people with access to the network.

You cannot police it once you get more and additional entry points into a network he added. What black hats have discovered is that the protocol can be abused by issuing commands in ways the system was not intended for. So some smart people on the bad actors side or certain nation-states, have figured out you can use certain SS7 commands to do things like discover a call’s location.

Once you have SS7 admission and a mobile phone number you good-looking much can track everybody around the world he added. In addition to tracking phones, researchers have demonstrated ways to use SS7 to cut off calls and text messages as well as create free phone calls. Until recently abuse of SS7 was thought to be mainly theoretical but that’s not the case anymore. We have definitely seen suspicious action in virtually all regions Bradley said.