Google Introduces a New Platform to Enhance your Online Translator


Google has introduced Translate Community, a platform that will focus on improving the translation of 80 languages supported by the software company’s Mountain View. Furthermore, with the aim that the transcripts are perfected, the search giant expects users to help develop support for more languages are included.

The company has stated that it will implement a number of functions for the Translate Community members can contribute their skills and correct various errors. “We intend to incorporate the corrections we suggest users and thus learn each language a little better,” said Sveta Kelman, program manager, in a post on the official company blog.

Google translator

This initiative adds to the recent addition that allows consumers to submit their own translation corrections or suggestions, how? When you make a translation with this service just give the pencil in the bottom of the page and click on “Improving translation”. Then you must change some of the text you think wrong, and finally click on “Send” to send Google your suggestion optimization transcription.

Google, every day, helps to billions of people communicate and learn new languages. But, as the company points out, “always needs a little help”. Luckily, there are many people willing to pitch in these cases. Thus, the platform will be able to provide better service to all users that use Google Translate.

In the community that created the multinational Mountain View, people can contribute to improve the system with a variety of things. For example, generating new translations or existing qualifying. Over time, increase the ways in which users can help and thus be able to see the impact of their contributions.

Also encourage consumers to send suggestions to improve this service. Thus Translate Community will modify Google algorithms, improving the way in which translates the texts that request users.

These innovations have to attach them to the recent addition of the dictionary because, for some time, the translator of the company not only translates words. Also shows its definition and synonyms and antonyms. That is, if we look for a word in Google Translate, this software will offer us their meaning and usage examples, and sometimes similar and opposite words.

The system is a great help to improve the texts, so there is no excuse for a bad translation. So far, this last service is only available on their web platform, bypassing the mobile version. Now we have to wait to see what users say though this new platform, and sure to be a success.