Google Maps Now Controlled with Voice and Data Offering for Cyclists


Although with some delay, as every week Google has released updates to some of its services and applications. This time it was the turn of his star map tool, the well-known Google Maps. A new version of your application platform for Android with some interesting new features that continue to promote this as the most useful tool beyond its features to search for an address or be guided towards it turn by turn.

This Google Maps for Android reaches version 8.2 with a couple of interesting developments. Issues that is useful for the busiest users, those who can not even use a finger to make an inquiry, or for lovers of bike routes. It is thanks to its short list of new features get to meet many of the desires and needs of its users. We discussed in detail below.

Google Maps

In first place, after updating Google Maps, users will realize a new icon in the search bar that appears on the main screen of the application. She is a microphone to the right of this bar which appeared before the sites saved by the user. It is a small visual change that leads this section the dropdown menu on the left side of the screen. With this the user can ask from the main screen an address or any questions loudly.

But what is really interesting about this version 8.2 is that the menu navigation, if you have already asked to be guided to a point, the icon also appears a microphone on the bottom left corner. However, in this case is to make the smartest application, being able to control his voice as he leaves the wheel to avoid distractions. So, just press it, you may issue orders or make inquiries such as “How much time left to reach the destination or no traffic later?” Along with this there are also other options like silence the voice that guides the user, see the overview of the route, ask for alternative routes or where is the next turn. Yes, at the moment is a function that only works in English.

More interesting is the possibility to know the profiles of altitude for cycle routes. Thus, when looking for one of these routes are possible to see the altitude of the different sections, plus compare with other routes. So you can ask Google to choose the one that has less climbing, or more. All in the same tab bike to perform a search.

Finally there are other minor changes as show approximate time of arrival in bold or place the information card ride the Uber car service in car tab and not on public transport. A list of improvements is now available in version 8.2 has been released so progressive for Android via Google Play and so free.