Google In WiFi Routers for Smart Homes


Google on Hub is the first device with which the Mountain View Company enters the field of smart home. The WiFi router manufactured by TP-LINK you can set a wireless link quickly easily and securely using the app for Google on Android and iOS. The product will be available at first in the US but will surely as the page on the Google Store is by at the present translate into our language.

During the I / O conference in late May, the present Google CEO Sundar Pichai had presented the new platform Brillo that allows to your smartphone or tablet Android to connect to any compatible devices in the home taking advantage of the new protocol Weave. Google on Hub it the first device ecosystem On Google dedicated to smart home and the Internet of Things.

how to set up router for wifi

The WiFi router is “smart” because after linking power and modem scans radio signals and automatically selects the channel less crowded or one that offers the best performance and maximum constancy. The thirteen integrated antennas provide coverage of the whole house and notice any interference allowing the change of the channel. The router also allows you to assign more bandwidth to each device and specific activities (eg, streaming video). Google on Hub is automatically updated with the latest features and security patches without interrupting the connection.

With the app for iOS and Google on Android, you can configure the router see the attached devices and their bandwidth consumption perform a speed test and fix any problems thanks to the many suggestions. A simple twist reveals the passwords that can be shared with friends and relatives. Google OnHub is a high cylinder about 19cm in black or blue. Inside are dual-core processor Qualcomm Atheros IPQ8064 1.4 GHz, 1 GB of memory DDR3L, 4 GB eMMC Flash memory, 8 MB ​​of NOR flash memory, a TPM chip Infineon SLB 9615 and 13 antennas . On top are visible speaker 3 Watt used to send an audio signal to the Android device used for the setup and six three-color LED.