Hacking Team Wants a Parliamentary Inquiry


The software company in the field of the majority talked about cyber espionage has been plagued by a crack that has stolen half a terabyte of information all that was in the server of the main manager of the company. A hack of modest proportions in total terms but politically arsonist because the company in question is Hacking Team a provider of a big part of governments and security agencies and police worldwide. In practice, now one of the few companies that make Spyware State has no more secrets.

The problem of legibility of the application is due not only to the quantity and necessary response, but also a disturbing fact the victims themselves have affirmed in the past to be able to put in false documents in real files a technique that could have been used even by hackers to damage the company’s image.

Hacking Team

The first item noticed the leak posted account hacked the company and its founder David Vincenzetti it is a series of files that would show contacts and business between Hacking Team and countries in the international black list or at smallest amount quite invisible to other countries traditionally buyers of their products. In practice if these documents were genuine it would trigger an international scandal so the FBI, the Pentagon and major US attorney would be customers of the same supplier to Sudan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other intelligence and military personnel from different parts of world who have not particularly care about human rights.

Chessboard on which to play

In this story are questions the answers and that in it is a problem. No one knows who actually have hacked hackers but in the environment of activism are all convinced it is a strategy unscrupulous competition the leak has been long studied. The company through a technical human, not technologically complex using the paradox typical of these companies less attentive to the safety of their customers and attacked on the floor of the errors of a few employees. Now the market has a legal malware protagonist less and perhaps documentation will be used to wipe out an entire competitive advantage.