How to create your own Google Maps


The mapping service of Google is not only a great utility to check an address, find how to get to a point or find establishments and premises near the location of the user interest. Their maps are also used by other applications and services to represent the place of other issues that Google does not have access; something that the user can also leverage on your behalf through the application Google Maps Engine for Android devices.

It is a tool that uses the features of Google Maps to map custom through a web page dedicated to it. In this way, each user can create a specific map showing a route designed by him, according to directions and map features of Google but in a much more personal sense. Something lovers of cartography can take full advantage using different layers and creating a map according to their needs.

Google Maps

These maps will not only be enjoyed on the web. So Google launched App Engine Google Maps, it can load any custom maps for review and use as if that application Google Maps in question. However, a new update of this tool provides the ability to finally create and edit new ones. That increases the chances of this service regardless of where or when; all from a smartphone or tablet with Android OS.

This is an update that will appeal to active users of this tool, who now have new options from mobile devices. While it is not the same as creating maps from the web editor full version, vary the application has tools for modifying some details. With it, the user is able to create a new map and give it a name, which will be available for editing from the phone or the web.

But in addition to creating new maps, the app now allows you to upload any of them that have been shared and edit or change some of its features. One is the name of the layers, thus facilitating find and display different information on the screen comfortably. The other is the ability to freely rearrange bookmarks. That is, change or highlight specific points on the map, which can give them a name and description details.

With all that the user has a tool for creating your own maps with routes, places and destinations you want to remember or point to visit. All without having to access the full version of the web editor and can make small tweaks to the application of this service to create custom maps. The application Google Maps Engine is available completely free through the store Google Play. Does not require any registration or configuration; just accept use policies in the initial screen.