Important Features of 3D Pens


A 3D pen looks like a bigger version of a regular pencil or pen, but instead of using ink or led, the 3D pen makes use of plastic. You simply need to insert the plastic filament, and once it is inside the pen, it will get hot from inside. The heat will then melt the plastic, and turn it into a liquid. Then you can start writing whatever you want using the pen.  A 3D pen is a clear sign of the developing technology. With a 3D pen, you can make a model of cars and Eifel Tower. There are lots of 3D pens on the market today. Ensure you search for the following features before buying your 3D pen.

Compatible Surfaces

The functionality of a 3D pen is straightforward. Rather than ink, they use plastic to write. Besides, a great pen can be used on a wide range of surfaces. So, ensure you don’t get one that works on a specific surface. What separates a good pen from others is how fast it responds and how comfortable it is to use.

Required Temperatures

The temperature of your location will determine the performance of the pen. Therefore, it’s a smart thought to read the reviews and description of the performance of the pen in various temperatures. Understanding the temperature of your workplace is additionally an important thing to do. When you are in a hot environment, the pen won’t function well.

Timing of The Plastic

Make sure the substance inside the pen comes out without any obstacle since the pens use the heat technology to work. During intense heat, the plastic can become sticky, and a few colors may look slightly different. It is a good idea to read reviews on the pens on various sites before buying it.

Cooling Time

The 3D pen makes use of heat, and the pen only works when heat is applied. Once the plastic inside the pen warms up, you can use the pen to draw or write. The pen should likewise chill off once the plastic in the shell heats up. You won’t be able to use the pen if the cooling time is too high. There should be enough time between the cooling down and the heating up of the 3D pen.

Clogging Issues

At the point when the pen starts to cool down, the plastic may get stuck in the containers. Also, if the plastic becomes clogged over and over, you may need to replace it regularly after each use.

A quality 3D pen ought to have a strong clogging system that should keep the plastic from getting clogged. Before you get one, remember to discuss the clogging issue. There shouldn’t be any clogging issues particularly if you are going to draw huge models of various things.


Usually, the majority of 3D pen producers offer a warranty. But the warranty conditions may be tricky, so you have to pay attention. Some manufacturers claim to replace the pen if you discover any issue with it. Some will just get it repaired for you. So make sure you go for a product that comes with the right warranty.

In conclusion, 3D pens are very interesting and can be used by everyone. But before you purchase any 3D pen, ensure you consider the tips given in this article.