iPad Pros Between Suppliers and New Technologies


Not only iPhone 6S and Apple TV Fall Apple will almost certainly also punctuated by another product the much rumored iPad Pro. The presentation is expected for the occasion next September 9 but come today interesting rumors about the device. With a launch from the month of October it seems that shipments from suppliers are now imminent. It seems that Apple for this tablet oversized has decided to use new technologies. The news comes from a note from JP Morgan by the trade publications in stars and stripes.

iPad pros

Apparently since the beginning of September the suppliers will start to ship the parts to the iPad Pro in particular 12.9-inch screens for a final manufacture that slowly reach one million units per month. The device perhaps destined to the business sector and educational consumer Apple is likely to see the opening of a new technology for the generous multitouch screen. According to reports in fact it would be used the system “glass-film-movie” (GFF) an innovation that would increase the accuracy of detection of the touch and the accuracy of the same. The display however should be initially supplied by pointed and GIS even if the traditional LG and TPK could be included in the pipeline.

As already mentioned the public presentation should take place in October for availability in stores by the holiday season. In terms of the remaining hardware however discloses no rumors whatsoever compared to the past few weeks: iPad will maintain an aesthetic similar to Pro Air iPad 2, with a double row of speakers an A9 processor family and perhaps even a sensitive system Pressure Force Touch. Naturally gifted iOS 9 the latter coming with iPhone 6S in its final version will see a resolution of 2,048 × 2,732 pixels.