Laptop PC or Tablet: Which is More Suitable for You?


The laptop PC and Tablet are two important gadgets in the world today. Everyone knows what they are and to some extent, the difference between both gadgets. However, many people base their distinction on the physical properties of the items rather than the speculations and technological differences.

Just for the record, here is a precinct definition of both terms. A Laptop PC is a PC that is portable and folded PC, with a keyboard at its lower part and a LED screen at its upper part, small enough to sit on you lap while you make use of it. A Tablet on the other hand is also a portable computer, but not folded and without a keyboard. It has a mobile operating system, a rechargeable battery and a LCD touchscreen.

Reasons You Might Want To Get a Tablet

  • Portability: One major difference between tablets and a laptop is that the laptop is bigger and heavier. If you’re looking for something you can more convenience, the tablet is your best option.
  • Battery: Also, the battery life of a tablet is more dependable, because its hardware components do not consume as much battery as a laptop does.
  • Cheaper Cost: If you are not looking to spend so much to get your tasks done, then the Tablet is yours to get. There are tablets of prices lower than 100 dollars, whereas, you would hardly get a good laptop for 200 dollars. However, there are tablets of the same price with some laptops, but they won’t perform better than laptops of the same price in some categories.

Reasons You Might Want To Get a Laptop

  • Storage: A major gapping advantage that the laptop has is the large memory that it has. A tablet is designed to meet more immediate and flexible needs but not the storage of larger files. A laptop is best to get when it comes to storage.
  • Processor Speed: Tablets cannot compete with laptops when it comes to computing tasks. A Tablet can do many things that a laptop can do, but when it comes to more difficult tasks, its extremely low processors will not be able to handle it.
  • Software Options: Softwares that are limited to laptops will definitely make a laptop the right choice. There are however some Tablets that can use the softwares that a laptop can use when they operate on operating systems like Windows.
  • Hardware: Hardware options have always been a major land-slider for the laptop. There are lots of ports with different usefulness on the laptop, ranging from USB ports, a DVD Rom, SD Card reader, HDMI port, VGA port etc. These make the laptop definitely more resourceful.
  • Independence: A laptop is sophisticated enough to stand on its own. A Tablet is quite dependent on a lot of other devices like the cloud and even the laptop.

Both gadgets have their advantages and disadvantages. What would majorly guide your choosing is what you want to use the gadget for. Once you can clearly spell that out, your choice becomes easier to make.