Outfit Your MacBook Pro With The Coolest Skins


The newest MacBook Pro Retina is a pretty trendy purchase. With its breathtaking retina display, though processing powers, and responsive trackpad, the MacBook Pro has a lot of amazing features that sets you a part from the average PC user. The matte gray surface and the glowing white apple don’t differentiate you from all those other Mac people. If you’re looking for a cool way to stand out from the crowd and protect your new investment, MacBook Pro skins are the way to go.

For something so expensive and important to your daily life, protection is of utmost important – so important that you might have considered purchasing a case for your laptop. The fact of the matter is a case is bulky and awkward, adding unnecessary weight and inches to your ultra-thin MacBook. They are also made out of hard plastic that can easily slip out of your hands, leading to a devastating match-up against the floor. Your MacBook, in a hard shell that provides no shock absorption, is no match against the ground.


A skin, on the other hand, creates a thin layer that provides an amazing grip to your computer. Without adding any extra bulk, it can protect your MacBook from sliding off of a table or slipping from your hand. For anyone who is a little clumsy, this can be a life-changer, as it reduces your chances of dropping your Mac. And because it’s so thin, a skin won’t affect the Force Touch trackpad, allowing you to enjoy the full functionality of the new Mac trackpad. Though thin, its material still protects against scratches, dents, and spills, making it the ultimate in MacBook protection.

Not every skin has these capabilities. In order to provide ideal protection, the skin you choose for your MacBook Pro has to be precision cut from 3M vinyl. Its material can be custom-fit to the exact 13-inch specifications of your Pro Retina, melding to every curve and line of your computer.

When you choose a skin made from quality 3M vinyl, you’re also opening yourself up to a huge variety of designs. This material can be tailored to any personality, and you can find skins in various textures and colors. You can choose a skin that mimics the look of polished mahogany or you can go for a striking red carbon fiber. With choice, you have the opportunity to create a cool addition to your already stylish computer.

To find the coolest skins for your 13 inch MacBook pro, check out dbrand. As the “boss of vinyl skins”, they use the best quality 3M vinyl to create durable and stylish skins. No matter what skin you choose from their selection, you’ll be surprised when you check out your shopping cart. Quality doesn’t come at an unmanageable price, as you can outfit your entire MacBook Pro for less than $50.

Once outfitted with a customized skin, your MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch will be as individual and creative as yourself. Best of all, you’ll be protecting your new computer from the dangers of daily life. With the coolest skin, you’ll have a longer-lasting, better-looking computer.