Personal Alarms


Security for students going to school turns into a worry for parents and guardians when their children leave home for school. This may be because many schools now house both females and males in the same residence, which may pose extra risk in the form of gender violence.

There is normally a higher probability of sexual harassment in college – mostly of female students by their male partners. Since possessing a weapon is restricted in schools, Personal Alarms become a great choice of self-protection for many students. They are not dangerous to the body but have a sound that will startle any terrible person who wants to harm you thereby giving you an opportunity to escape.

Most of the time, there is a tendency for male students to hang out together, which poses a greater threat to female students in the hall or while strolling around at night, on or off campus. For extra protection, female students should stroll with no less than one person, particularly around evening time. Most potential attackers always find it difficult to bother even a small group of people.

All students should carry a Personal Alarm with them every time. This device is activated by pressing a button or pulling a pin. The device will instantly make a very loud sound to startle the attacker and also get the attention of the people around. And since most students have cell phones, they will be able to call 911, get a video or a photo of what actually happened at the scene.

Personal Alarms are inexpensive and very little in size, and they come in various shapes with different alarm intensities. There is one specific device that is good for female students – a lipstick alarm which resembles a stylish tube of lipstick yet emits a 100 dB alarm which can be heard by anybody around.

To activate this alarm, you simply pull the top and the alarm will sound. In this way, if somebody approaches a lady and she feels threatened, she simply needs to pull out the lipstick.

Personal Alarms should be carried by every student, both male and female students. These devices can shield you from becoming the next crime victim.

Personal Alarms are only one of the many self-protection and home security products that help protect you, your family and your home from anyone who wants to harm you.