Samsung working on 3D printers and drones


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch and wearable devices are not enough to Samsung. The South Korean company according to a representative confirmed today in an official capacity, is at work on drones, 3D printers autonomous guided vehicles, robots and technologies related to effective reality that will go far beyond those provided currently by viewers as the model Gear VR. 3D printers and drones is a smart technology.


The team will experiment with anything that allows the technology to help people in everyday life, for a better future. Given the importance of the project, its members will have greater authority and independence, since the main goal is not to make a single device to get immediate results, but developing solution to be adopted later in the manufacture processes of Samsung.

The financial results for the last quarter of 2014 have led to a negative trend for the mobile division of the company, the first time in more than three years. This is also, why Samsung may have chosen to invest heavily on different market segments than those who so far have made ​​it successful drone’s 3D printers and robots could thus represent the “next big thing” South Korean company.