Is Self Driving Pods the Future of Public Transportation?


Just as we thought the Uber app was as high tech as it gets in the transportation space, self driving pods started entering the equation. Imagine using your phone to order your own personal driverless pod to get you from point A to point B. Seems too good to be true, until now.

The Brains Behind the Concept

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In an attempt to sharpen its competitive streak, Careem, a Middle Eastern company that is best known as a rival of Uber, is trying to take drivers out of the equation altogether. According to Gulf Business, the company has expressed interest in a self-driving pod prototype made by Italy-based Next Future Transportation.

How Do They Work


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The pods will be able to hold up to ten people each and can travel both independently and also attach to one another to form a bus style vehicle. Although the technology behind the concept is still not carved into stone.

Closer Than We Think

Tech Insider

It’s definitely too soon to delete your Uber app just yet. The partnership between the two companies has yet to produce a working prototype. However, if they successfully find an interested investor they hope to have the unique vehicles on the road by 2020. Anyone else think that’s too soon?