Intelligent Mobility, is the Future Here?


It not only can be but also must be it has therefore become one. It is now a substance of strict necessity since a few issues you are and a reply cannot be soft or timid serves to change the understanding of  intelligent mobility at its root overturning assumptions to get there at a new way to go people and goods. The word intelligence is the one that most excellent responds to the problem since it is to apply new methods to a state of affairs in many ways illogical far away from any strategy the result of the disorder arisen with a fierce and continuous urban stratification that has led to great concentrations of people buildings and cars.

Smart mobility

The figure is striking: the 2% of the land surface is covered by the city but as much as 50% of the world focuses on this small piece of land. Moreover, the forecasts say that the situation is likely to get worse by 2050 the population concentrated in urban areas will be 70%, with at least 27 megacity of 10 million people. The extreme inequity existing in the distribution of the population is at the root of most problems. The solution however, is not on the decrease in the density of population in metropolitan areas the concentration is not only an established fact but it is also indisputable and indeed intended to add to the adoption of intelligent management of these realities.

Smart mobility for smart cities

The message is in fact now clear to everyone if we do not act to improve intelligence apparatuses that regulate the life of every day, you are likely to be caught in the same road that man has built to get better transport and move toward nations. All this also has a very high financial burden which some research of 2012 evaluated in 5 points of GDP. Just think of the time misplaced by millions of people in city traffic to understand how little “smart” can be a time full of obstacles and inefficiencies.

In the complex of actions that can be put in place within the Smart City, smart mobility is probably the area in which you can affect more deeply and with greater results. What would happen for example if a crossing between two high-speed roads had a system that can make the transition smooth without incurring delays traffic jams and queues?  Although everyone knows what intelligence is and everyone knows distinguish an intelligent entity from a non-intelligent entities, define intelligence is instead something much more complex. In general you can think of intelligence applied to mobility as a system of tools.


The monitoring and data storage are the first step as they stand for the ability to shoot a fact objectively and with measurements allowing a precise and object description of the situation.


The analysis allows transforming raw data into entity order which means the numbers will change in concepts. The macroscopic issues are so afloat finding priority over other issues and set themselves to the attention of the scheme whose purpose is to manage them.


Understanding the big picture is almost certainly the truest of so-called “intelligence”, because understanding is the human side although headed by machines and algorithms understanding has a human matrix derived from experience objectives and its ability of encoding steps relating to the organization of the road network.