New Chargers Will charge Your Cell Phone Using Salt Water


Swedish new venture MyFC unveiled its cool technology, named JAQ, here from CES on January 6. This uses saltwater as well as oxygen to transform chemical energy in to electricity. Then this uses that electrical power to charges your cell phone with water. The charger includes a credit card-shaped “power card” along with a hollowed out port that is roughly how big a smartphone. The actual card contains deep sea, which fuels electricity-producing chemical reactions whenever you slip the card to the port.

To get that electricity for your phone’s battery you merely plug your phone to the port with a typical cable. One JAQ energy card produces regarding 1, 800 milliampere-hours’ (mAH) really worth of electricity that’s nearly enough energy to completely charge an apple iphone 6S. Larger products like tablets may also be charged with the actual fuel cell, but it will require more than 1 power card to obtain them fully juiced. The saltwater-containing energy cards are good for starters use. After which they stop generating the chemical reactions essential to generate electricity.

Pocket-Sized Device Charges Your Phone with Water

The device functions combining two reactants in this instance hydrogen and oxygen in a enclosed space. Hydrogen atoms in the saltwater in the ability card enter the actual fuel cell you will find 10 fuel cells within the card at the actual anode, where a chemical substance reaction strips them of the electrons MyFC clarifies on its web site. These electrons then supply the current that powers the telephone or tablet, which has connected to JAQ.

This particular smartphone charger utilizes salt and drinking water to juice upward your device. When the hydrogen atoms are stripped of the electrons, they become favorably charged hydrogen ions and can move through the actual fuel cell’s electrolyte the membrane like material that limits the actual movement of ions within the cell. At the cathode end from the cell, oxygen in the air enters and combines using the hydrogen ions that managed to get through the electrolyte as well as electrons returning in the electrical circuit.

This reaction results in an exceedingly harmless byproduct: drinking water (H2O). JAQ is not available just yet but the company anticipates how the product decides to ship later this season. When it does go on the market, MyFC hopes in order to implement a membership service. Customers would join receive a certain quantity of power cards each month. Individual cards might also be available and will most likely cost about $1.