The dinosaur with the voice of Watson


The supercomputer voice of watson of IBM is used in several sectors, mostly in science and medicine. His cognitive computing power will now be used in the educational field. Elemental Path launched a fundraising on Kickstarter for the development of a new generation of talking toys, called Conga Toys. The first smart toy is a small dinosaur green (Green Dino) who can reply questions from children.

voice of Watson

Behind the appearance of a common toy lies a very sophisticated product. The company did not provide details on the internal components, but certainly, there are a microphone a speaker, and a WiFi module. When the child presses the button on the belly of the dinosaur and starts a chat, the smart toy search online for answers to questions using the API released in 2013 by IBM to access the Cognitive Computing Engine of Watson. The interaction with Green Dino is personalized, since the algorithms of speech recognition language processing, and machine learning allow the toy to learn and “grow” with the child.

Green Dino can store his tastes (favorite colors, favorite toys, interests, etc.) add to the level of difficulty of questions and answers and have a conversation. The answers to the questions “who “why” “where” and “when” vary according to the age of the child. The toy also has a personality that evolves over time. Parents can check the development of their children through the web portal Parent Panel and monitor the words of the dinosaur.