The drones are learned to fly


Link Campus, an Italian non-state legally recognized of the Italian university, is the first Italian university to take delivery of certification from ENAC to prepare courses of training and practice for mini Sapr the drones to take-off very less than 25 kg. Enabling granted by ENAC will, therefore, links the university campus to agenda courses whose purpose will train professionals for the use of Sapr.


The courses will be planned in collaboration with Fly Top a startup Italian who had recently shown to the public its drones operations for counterterrorism. Among the specializations provided, one for aerial photography that will train staff to use drones in the industrial sector of surveying. The courses will aim to push members also towards self-employment in a sector with strong growth and full of new business opportunities.

The training program, which lasts 150 hours, includes the study of unlike subjects including piloting techniques, safety, rules ENAC and aviation theory. The second part of the course will focus on practical lessons in which students will face trials in the simulator and in the fields with real flight drones.

Finally, in the last 32 hours of lessons, students will explore the use of digital tools for the return and george fencing, with the aim to develop practical skills of construction and processing of geographic data with GIS open source.