On the Road Toward the Autonomous Truck


The autonomous guided vehicles approaching quick steps toward the landing place on the roads and in all probability, the revolution will start from the commercial vehicles. In the test circuit Asta Zero in Sweden, Kasich Trafficked has tested such a system for the platooning of heavy vehicles , a solution that allows you to connect several vehicles in a convoy in which only the first in line is effectively controlled by a driver.


The equipment provided by Kasich V2X for the project allows communication between vehicles infrastructure V2I or Vehicle To Infrastructure vehicle to vehicle V2V or Vehicle to Vehicle the means so interconnected into a single virtual convoy are able to automatically follow the truck leader and to copy the behavior accelerating braking turning in exactly the same way so as to maintain a fixed distance and constant speed.

The benefits of these new technologies, which could be ready for production in the next five years, are obvious, especially for the transport industry: greater security and better use of resources are just one example. As is apparent from the results of this first test, then, the fuel economy can vary from 5% to 20% depending on the choice of the distance between vehicles.

The “platooning” is in fact a real driving style, linked to the fact that the proximity of the vehicle is able to cancel the strong air resistance of vehicles that are not certain of aerodynamics their strong point. Technologies able to tie together more vehicles through a series of sensors and algorithms would thus save much in human resources, as in energy resources. It could change largely business models related haulage.