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It is part of the camera company Snapdragon 618 IP platform. The unit combines a six-core, 64-bit processor the next age group of graphics crisis and a purpose of digital sign processing. Analysis of the movement of the camera can save money to the company through the reduction of the costs of dispensation and storage space in the cloud and can give a more reliable analysis, the carrier said. With this increase in intelligence at the edge you can perform more multifaceted queried. For example you can ask to observe images of people who stopped up at his house, with the exemption of the members of the relations.

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Qualcomm sees cameras that are more powerful as a need, since the needs of closed-circuit camera system add to bandwidth. As to the size of the video quality and the file continue to ramp, the need to efficiently process compression right without sacrificing excellence is the key to the back-office, particularly if you are day of week value and recording data. You have the computing power and the intelligence to analyze the relevant information before sending can be huge to reduce bandwidth over added the envoy.

With typical surveillance cameras connected to the cloud, many useless data is sent to the program in the background of a company for analysis and processing. The basic video analysis can significantly reduce the amount of video ‘ activities in the framework of airing told Manager of the IO, machine-to-machine and the digital technology of IHS. At the same time video with potentially actionable content that is transmitted can review and act accordingly faster. As more and more closed circuit television cameras are connected to the network this should result in a significant difference in network traffic.

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With the introduction, if the camera IP 618 Qualcomm Snapdragon is adding intelligence to the edge of the network, what could become a trend with the devices connected to the Internet of things? Instead of simply collecting data and then transfer to a data center for processing and analysis devices like the new camera IP Qualcomm platform 618 have plenty resources to carry out the initial analysis on their own, said Charles King, Pond-IT analyst. For a 618 IP security camera which could include recognition of items such as firearms or other weapons or strange stains and intruders?