Climatology, meteorological application of Microsoft


The company Microsoft was surprised after the publication of its own application of meteorological information for the platform Android. A most curious tool because of its visual looks and feels, and allows users worldwide to consult several features time anywhere. Moreover, a tool which is a mere experiment by the research team of Microsoft, so for now it may be incomplete or dysfunctional.

In Climatology regular user of the application of meteorological information can certainly feel lost. And it is very different to that seen to date tool. In fact an application still seems unfinished or pointing towards the experiment to be a fully functional, at least for the moment tool. And it has only three sections to choose the place on the map to see the date you want to know and, finally, the data about the chances of rain, temperature or sun.


Just install it and start it to see the main screen of Climatology divided into three major sections discussed. However, at first shows the location of the user, so it is necessary to click on this section and access the world map to move to that area you want to see. Here it is interesting to see places to be visited average data for the area. Yes, navigation is pretty goofy by not incorporating the pinch gesture, so it is necessary to double-click on an area to enlarge the map and wait for it to load to get around it.

The second section of Climatology is the date. And it is an application focused on a more general level forecasts. That is why we can know the average data of the different months of the year, but no concrete for hours or days. It is a simple approach to an estimate by the date of a trip or event. Just scroll left or right to choose the data either month. One negative is that the month names appear in English.

Finally, in the lower section of the screen shows the data resulting from the above-selected criteria. Specifically it is possible to know the average temperature of the area shown in a bar, according to this month. You can also click on the raindrops to show the average number of days it rains or sun, for the average of sunny days in that month usually done in the previously selected area. Something departs markedly from the other symbols and facilities applications. Its latest role is to share a screenshot through other tools.

In short, an application that surprises to come from Microsoft, but even more for not being a tool to use. Just do not lose sight that this is an experiment team Microsoft Research. The Climatology application form is available completely free through Google Play.