Facebook confirms Messenger


The rumors of the past week are accurate messenger will become a stage. The confirmation came directly from Facebook that, by mistake, he sent a notification through the official app of the F8 Conference, to be held from 25 to 26 March in San Francisco. The message also contains a reference to parse for IoT and a mysterious Teleportation Station.


The Menlo Park Company had already announced that there will be ads for all its major products Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Parse and Oculus. During the opening keynote, Mark Zuckerberg will unveil the future of messaging app. Today, users can make calls, send/receive messages, photos, videos, sticker, voice messages and money to friends, but all these features are offered directly by Facebook.

The next versions of Messenger will allow the integration of third-party apps, turning the service into a platform, similar to We Chat and Online rivals. For several days, Messenger allows to transfer small sums of money between friends (only in the United States), without any Commission. Facebook could extend the functionality and introduce a real mobile payment system for use in physical stores.

Parse is the cloud platform for developing applications for any device. Are in fact available SDK for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, Unity and Xamarin. During the F8 Conference should be also announced an SDK for IoT. Maybe the company imagines accessing Facebook with a refrigerator. With regard to Teleportation System, there is no clue. Probably it is a development platform for Oculus Rift or a virtual room based on virtual reality Viewer.