Facebook drones eagle connect the world


On the second day of the conference F8, Facebook announced its plans to connect to the Internet billion people around the world, especially to provide connectivity to all those who are not reached by the infrastructure of broadband network. Facebook then begin to test a new version of its solar-powered drone from next summer.

drones eagle

Earlier this month, the social network had already begun to make a number of tests on a model drone smaller, but the final version will present a wingspan equal to that of a Boeing 737 but weighs only as much as a small car. The drone, code named “Eagle ” is part of the project with which Mark Zuckerberg intends to offer connectivity in disadvantaged countries reaching almost 2.8 billion people. How Facebook Google also is experiencing similar solutions to reach people who are currently excluded from the new telecommunications infrastructure.


In addition to the drones, Facebook is also considering other avenues including satellites and other technologies. Facebook has, however, stressed that it will be unlikely that the new drones can enter in action soon as there is the need to check many parameters including the flight security and alliances with carriers to provide connectivity. However, this summer there will be a real test flight that can be read as a dress rehearsal. If the tests go well could open up interesting prospects in the medium term.

Among other technical challenge that the project of the drone will exceed even that related to its power. The food-related solar technologies obtainable until a year ago were not in fact compelling. The drone’s eagle provides connectivity through a laser and will always be connected to each other by flying between 60 and 90 thousand feet of altitude.