Facebook removes messaging service from main app


Facebook, the social network with more users worldwide, has announced the complete separation of its messaging service for smartphones Facebook Messenger, and its main application for mobile. Thus, those who want to keep chat conversations or make video calls from the phone via Facebook, just use the Messenger application may not the main application, as they could do until now.

Facebook announced this news to its users through notifications on their profiles. And, those who have not downloaded the Facebook Messenger application on your smartphone, or may not receive or send messages through the Facebook chat service.

Facebook Messenger

From the direction, the American company claims that have decided to take this step for two reasons: First and most importantly, want to turn Facebook Messenger in the best mobile IM application. The second reason we have decided to eliminate its messaging service for its main application is to avoid confusion between two very different types of IM services accessible from your smartphone.

For practical purposes, for users this decision would pose no problem. All you must do is download the Facebook Messenger app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone and chat from there. In fact it is much more convenient and faster than the other way because, when loading the main application to write a private message, it should load all the files listed in the “News Feed”.

Thus, when using Facebook Messenger will have access quickly and easily to our entire message history with no late charge or consume a lot of battery and memory of our smartphone. However, the notification indicating that we have received a private message no longer appears on the main Facebook application.

The news of the separation of the main application of Facebook and Facebook Messenger comes a few days later the announcement of the new features that the Facebook Messenger app will be updated. Indeed, two days ago the Facebook announced a series of changes that can be seen in its Messenger application now downloading iOS or Android stores the last version of it.

These features have to do with a revamped interface that aims to facilitate and improve the exchange of messages, videos and photos with our chat contacts. It also comes with improvements incorporated as a people search faster and more effective, as well as a number of shortcuts, both buttons to share content, as the emoticons and bumper.

However, what has most improved the Facebook Messenger application is in the function to create group messages. A feature certainly has a strategic goal of making the implementation of a competitor Facebook Messenger up to other instant messengers like Whatsapp.