Google is partner to develop smart contact lenses


The Swiss-based pharmaceutical Novartis announced that its division for the eye care, Alcon, has signed an agreement with Google [x] to develop technology smart contact lenses. The partnership provides both companies will collaborate and develop lenses with integrated sensors, microchips and electronic components very small. Thus, your goal will be treating eye diseases and provide the level of glucose in real time to the user through its smartphone.

Specifically, the key would be in the lens would be able to analyze the level of sugar through the tear user, which would be very beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes. Thus, one would get much more instant and accurate system than the current service, which involves analyzing the blood drops.

Google smart contact lenses

Additionally, these lenses would be capable of measuring the glucose level every second. All these details would store in a previously integrated chip in the lens and would be automatically synchronized with any device address. Could even send all the data collected throughout the day to the terminal for further analysis. Thus, an application could be responsible for alerting the user if the sugar level increases more than usual.

Also they may notify the rise in blood sugar through a LED light that incorporate the lens. Thus, the fact replace cumbersome blood testing by a lens could change the lives of diabetics and improve the field of medicine considerably. The charging system would be done wirelessly and autonomy seems it would be considerable.

Alcon was founded in 1945 in Forth Worth, Texas, and its success is due to the research of the products related to the vision care to increase security and reduce pollution. In 1977 it was acquired by Nestle in Switzerland and during the following years grew to become the largest and most profitable company ophthalmological world. In 2010, Novartis acquired a 52 percent share of Nestle by 20,760 million euros. At present, the food Swiss company has no actions today of the pharmaceutical.

As for its new partner, Google [x] is a division reserved Google. This is responsible for the investigation of major technological advances to address major world problems. For example, it is the same part of the multinational that runs the Google autonomous car, which was announced a month ago. It also has projects as Project Loon, whose objective is to bring free Internet to rural areas through balloons, or Project Glass and intelligent lenses.