How to watch your YouTube subscriptions on a Smart TV with mobile


The chances of playing videos from YouTube from your mobile in the TV lounge are varied, but all designed with the same goal: the user’s convenience. So, you can create playlists and to carry them all on the big screen, being able to keep them all in one of the videos you want to see in a good size and not on the mobile device, or follow the main channel to those who subscribed from the comfort of the room.

To follow the subscriptions the user does not require any prior configuration. Just have a Smart TV connected to the same network access to mobile device. Thus, the link is created automatically. If not, just go to menu settings and find the section Link on the TV, then pointed in the same menu mobile number on the screen. Thus both devices come in relation to start and control playback of any video from Mobile on the TV screen.


If the user is a regular platform YouTube, it’s very likely have subscriptions to its video bloggers favorites. And subscriptions are the best choice to be the latest in content of this platform. All this thanks to the section that already sees My Subscriptions, where the latest videos published in subscribed channels are listed. This user quickly accesses these files without worrying look every time.

So, just turn on the TV and access the application from the mobile YouTube. Here it suffices to display the menu guide on the left side of the screen to quickly jump to any section before mentioned. While what they see there are suggested and already seen user videos, My Subscriptions only shows the most recent videos from all channels which you are subscribed.

This is only carrying out the usual to play videos from Mobile on the TV method. That is, click on the video you want to see and touch on just after the Cast icon at the top of the screen. Automatically and in just a few seconds, the TV begins to display the video; always bearing in mind that the user can control the playback and volume from the mobile.

In addition, we must remember another possibility of linking mobile and TV. Thus, the user can go through the menu moving My Subscriptions to add to the playlist all the videos you want to see. All without stopping playback is underway. With this you can enjoy all the latest videos from your channel and bloggers favorites without look one by one.