PES 2016 Konami football second


It is time to return to the field. Laced his boots shin guards worn and made ​​every gesture superstitious rite the time has come to better coordinate the defense midfield and attack to pierce the adversary. Konami draws on his blackboard tactic strategy of PES 2016 with the intent to continue along the path already traced by his precursor the Pro development Soccer 2015  can gather to debut acclaim from both critics and the community of fans after some years in which the series of is demonstrated below expectations.

Gameplay and realism

The software company has not touched the simple task of following in the path of growth undertaken in an attempt to bring the title to the glories of the past when PES was synonymous with football simulation. Even in this season’s new in terms of gameplay abound. It starts from the function Dynamic Weather that not only improves the visual quality of the weather conditions but can also alter during the match suddenly. Switching from a dry ground to a slippery because of the rain that falls on the turf for example has a direct impact on the behavior of the ball and therefore requires the player to a better focus on dose the strength of passes crosses and raises.

pes 2016 Konami footbal

Progress has been made ​​also with regard to the artificial intelligence in the procedure of setting of the maneuver or hedging. This changes the tables for example on triangulation which no longer have to be manually activated by the joy pad: AI recognizes the movement and compa nion in a completely automatic proposes the return pass to displace the opponent and move toward the door. Worth a special mention the work done on the goalkeepers for a long time real Achilles heel of the production with the goalkeepers who now behave according to the values ​​of new parameters which include sockets Raises Diving and divert.

The realism of matches played is guaranteed both by the hold up of 1080p resolution on all next-gen platforms the predecessor was limited to 720p on Xbox 1 with enhancements to the Fox Engine that the introduction of a number of animations tripled compared to the output of last year. Athletes for example protest with classmates for a passage or failure with the referee for a foul not whistled. Get better the time reply to the commands and the management of situation such as the one on one as well as the physical engine that manages each touch or bounce of the ball. Maximum freedom finally on the subject of celebrations after a goal are shown on the screen sequences of keystrokes to perform a particular celebration selecting a single button one is engaged in a specific go to mock his adversary just beat.

Output and price

The release date of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 has been set for September 17, 2015 exactly seven days earlier than its direct competitor in EA Sports. The title will be available for platforms PC PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Below the three editions planned with details of the bonuses included and prices of person versions.

Day-one Edition: Neymar borrowed a player from the UEFA team of the year 2014, 10,000 GP for ten weeks, ten recycled objects, three players’ contracts.

Anniversary Edition: Neymar a player from the UEFA team of the year 2014, 10,000 GP for twenty weeks, twenty recycled objects, five contracts of the players 1,000 coins myClub, Steelbook (79.99 euro on PS4)

Digital Edition: Neymar a player from the UEFA team of the year 2014, 10,000 GP for fifteen weeks twenty recycled objects five contracts of players.

Testimonials and commentary

The testimonial chosen by Konami for the cover of PES 2016 Neymar Brazilian champion in force to Barcelona, ​​which replaces the predecessor Mario Goetz. He is the protagonist of the trailer and first screenshots disclosed faces one of the most representatives of the new generation of players that is emerging worldwide.