Twitter will show the history of direct messages on your mobile application


Twitter, the most important Internet microblogging social network, has announced that in the coming weeks its users can see some improvements in your inbox “direct messages”, that is, the private messages that users of Twitter can exchange through that network.

Indeed, through Twitter Support user account, the American company announced that users of Twitter mobile application will, in the coming weeks, read the full history of direct messages on their mobile devices. In another tweet that made few hours later, the microblogging social network also announced to users of its mobile application that they are preparing a new synchronization system thanks to which you can remove direct messages from any device, whether mobile, tablet or computer, pocketing the changes for the next time you log, regardless of the device used.


These changes represent a significant improvement in the user experience of Twitter, and that is, before, from the application to mobile Twitter, was accessible only recent direct messages that had been exchanged with other users a few days ago. Now with this change announced by the American company, the users of its social network may, from mobile, access, search and view any direct messages that have been received at any time, even been a year of receipt.

Moreover, before there was also the problem of synchronization of account details between the different devices used to query Twitter. Thus, when a direct message is erased from the mobile Twitter application, then the same message appeared in the inbox when consulted from another device, such as, laptop or tablet. Thanks to the changes announced by Twitter, this problem, which could be very annoying, would be history.

Some rumors suggest that these changes announced by Twitter account by Twitter Support find their explanation in a new company strategy to address poor performance brought about the year 2014 in which the social network microblogging recorded one drop of 10 percent of the activity of its users. Thus, Twitter through these changes, pretend gives more prominence to its function of sending direct messages to provide users with more similar to other applications such as Whatsapp service.

This rumor is strengthened by other leaks that suggest that Twitter is working on an application independent instant messaging as well as add new features like group messaging. Thus, the microblogging social network seems to be working on a new strategy to improve financial results for the next quarter of 2014, proposing as an alternative to apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.